The Spanking Of Martin Part Two

This is a work of fiction and involves consenting adults over 21.  Do not duplicate without permission.  All rights reserved. JJ.

In the previous chapter of my story I told you about my boy Martin, how we met and about the first time I put him over my lap for a spanking.

I spanked Martin that day on the seat of his Jeans pants after having him do a little corner time first.  I loved it.  I loved the feel of his cute little bottom as I spanked him or ran my hand over it, it was thrilling and I took a great deal of pleasure in spanking my boy for the first time.

Of course this was just the beginning, and I fully intended on having those nice pants down as well as his boxers or briefs, I wasn't really sure then what he actually wore but I wasn't too long in finding out.  But of course my intention was not solely to spank that cute backside of his, no not at all, I wanted to introduce my boy to a real life disciplinary relationship. One that takes time to develop and a great deal of care, love and understanding but in my opinion it is one of the most beautiful, loving and trust worthy relationships anyone can enter!

I'll stop rambling and continue from where we left off:

After Martin's first spanking he sat nestled in my lap for almost an hour.  We didn't say a word to each other; there was nothing to say.  I held him tightly and he had his arms around my neck, I gently rubbed his back, his shoulders and occasionally my hand wandered onto his bottom, which was gradually beginning to cool down (a pity).
No words were necessary - we were bonding.

After an hour was up, I began to talk gently to him, I asked him how he felt about being spanked and whether he though it was right, if he felt it was what he needed.  Now I wont lie to you dear readers, I got the reply I was expecting, because no guy no matter who old or young they are will submit freely to having there bottoms smacked unless they needed it or thought they needed it.  In the case where they simply thought they did, they would soon find a way off the platform they found themselves on  - over the knee, if they found it wasn't for them!  No my boy needed his spanking and he was well aware of it.  We discussed how he was disciplined in the past, grounding, loss of privileges and other punishments he had endured while growing up.  Never as I had suspected had anyone taken the time to get to know his bottom and more importantly as a result the real Martin, for it is only through a well spanked bottom you really get to understand a young mans real emotions and feelings.

We talked for a long time and at the end of it, still sitting in my lap I kissed his forehead and asked him if he wanted me to look after him now, look after his needs, ensure he does well and help him in life, to be a Father figure for him. He looked me straight in the eye with those beautiful blue eyes and I could see clearly there was a sign of wetness there and then he buried his head into my chest and with a very emotional and throaty voice said 'yes please, be my Dad'.  

To say I was pleased about this was putting it mildly; I had myself a very lovely yet emotional young man to take under my wing, and of course over my knee when he needed it.  So we don't confuse the matter, I should reinforce a statement I made earlier on, spanking a young man while very pleasurable is also very much for his benefit too.  He will gain a lot from the experience in terms of proper but loving discipline, he will learn there are consequences for his actions or lack of action and he will also learn respect for himself and for others.  And spanking is not just for discipline, there are times when it can be fun and quite a stress relieving exercise, and I knew that my Martin would benefit from many a relaxing but none the less firm spanking, not for discipline mind you but to help him relieve stress or tension and also to remember that my hand would always be around, and as much as it could make it difficult for him to sit down, it could also be very therapeutic.  He would learn this over time.

First though we had to establish some rules and trust.  The trust aspect namely that he would have to trust my judgement when it came to discipline.  I told him in no uncertain terms that if he really wanted me to be his dad and enter into a real relationship of love and discipline then he must submit to any punishment I see fit, and that would quite often mean a firm spanking.

He nodded his agreement and hugged me even tighter than before.  It was settled I was now Martin's Dad.  We were in an adult relationship of love and discipline, where it would lead; I had no idea and neither did he.  What we did know was that we both wanted this path.

Of course there were now a few issues to address:

I had to decide on what style of underwear Martin was best suited to wear, I would have to have him model the various types, such as briefs, boxer shorts, or boxer briefs.  After he has modelled them for me he will have to lie over my lap to see which I prefer him in for spankings. (A small but firm spanking will ensue as each garment is modelled)

I needed to get a decent spanking chair for him.  The chair needs to be exactly the right size and height so that I can spank him effectively.  I had already made my mind up (given his small size), that he should always be spanked with his legs in the air.  In my mind anyway, it makes the spanking much more effective and from an emotional viewpoint will make him feel vulnerable and like the naughty boy he is.

Once I have the right chair and I am satisfied with it, Martin needs to get his first bare bottom spanking.  He won't have done anything wrong at this point; he simply needs to feel a real spanking right on his bare little bottom.

These were the main issues I was thinking about at that very moment while Martin continued to sit in my lap.  His bottom was no longer as hot as it should be but I knew that I couldn't warm it again that evening.  Now wasn't the time or the place, I had to resolve the underwear and chair issue first.  Tomorrow would do nicely and tomorrow night my boy's pants were coming down, and his fanny was sure going to be red, fire engine red and like I said simply because that's what he needed, he needed it more that he realised and I wasn't going to disappoint him.  After all as his Dad, I have a responsibility to him.

And the next Day sure did come quickly.

Now problem one was the underwear, before I left that evening we went through his underwear and I discovered that he mainly wears loose fitting boxers.  They looked okay and certainly I wouldn't object to patting the seat of them, well as long as they were over his butt that is.

While he was at college I visited a few department stores and chose a range of underwear in all different sizes as I wanted to have a good choice and of course the more choices the more modelling and thus more trips over my lap for Martin, I did go a bit overboard as I chose no less that twelve items.  I had a bit of a spring in my step as I walked home with the bag.  Once home I laid them all neatly out on the dining room table, I stared at them and smiled.

Now the chair, I looked at the time it was now well into the afternoon, I didn't have long if I wanted to spank Martin tonight.  Well I could spank him but I had resolved myself that his first bare bottom spanking had to be in his own spanking chair, a monument or symbol I guess.  To simply have him over my knee on the sofa just wouldn't do, it would lack that vulnerable feeling and my Martin was going to get his spankings done properly from the very first one.  Later of course, when he has learned to be good, more therapeutic sessions would take place on the sofa but right now I needed a real chair!

Strangely the solution was under my very nose and I didn't even realise it until I was about to back the car out of the garage as I had decided to visit some local antique dealers.  As I was backing out I noticed the old chair my uncle used to stand on while he was painting or mending something.  He was a tall man and didn't need ladders, and always used that chair.  There it was gathering dust in the corner of my garage and the only visible problem I saw was the paint streaks all over it.  Getting out of the car I examined it more closely, then I rolled up my sleeves and reached for the white spirit, I had found Martin a spanking chair.  It was perfect; no I mean it really was perfect.  I could see easily from the height of its seat to base that it would afford an ample distance between my lap and the floor so my boy's legs could kick in the air.  I loved it.  Yes this would do very nicely indeed.  The white spirit worked wonders and in less than an hour I had a nice clean spanking chair.  Martin's chair was ready and waiting for him, my lap was ready and waiting for him, my hand was ready an waiting for him - my boy was getting his bare bottom spanked tonight.  I beamed happily as I took it indoors.

Still smiling happily I placed Martin's new spanking chair against one of the walls and looked up at the clock. I had just over an hour before he arrived here.  We had agreed he would spend the evening with me and stay over; he knew he was going to be modelling his new underwear and getting spanked in them.  Of course what he did not know at this precise moment in time was just how much underwear he would be trying on for me or that I was also going to spank his bare bottom for the first time in his life.  Well I was and I knew he would accept it.  His bottom would be very hot when I was finished tonight but he was going to experience a strange feeling after his spankings, the feeling of love, of care and well yes that tingling feeling after a good spanking that all boys begin to relish sooner or later.  You know the one, after all the pleading and promises to be good are done with, after the crying and after his long soothing session sitting in my lap.  That's the sensation I mean.

Now what do I wear?

Should I put my suit on, or maybe just the business casual look decisions decisions!

***To Be Continued**

Martin Part 2
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