Larry - 16 Larry's Update

by Cal

Note: So many have asked for updates on Larry specifically that I've given up and will post as I can. It's still "non-fiction."

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It took lots of e-mails, phone calls, and planning to coordinate it all but finally I had found time to take a vacation at the same time Larry was free at graduate school. Rare! The most we'd ever managed before was a few days here and then. This time, it was going to be over a week in Hawaii at a friend's house on the beach.

Over the months that had passed more recently, sure there had been those few things that needed to be corrected between father and son (even step father, as in this case) and occasionally the boy had found himself with his sharply creased, denim jeans down around his ankles with his clean white Calvins quickly to follow so he could re-learn those few lessons across his Dad's knees as he got his young bare bottom spanked. Never seems to have mattered how often you've spanked your boy in the past, he always seemed to take it hard and seriously, clenching his bare buns and bottom for all it was worth before he would finally let himself go, his tears would flow wildly as his bare bottom jerked and plunged across my lap while I gave him his spanking. Those times were probably typically more difficult for him as often he would be getting spanked in a hotel room or private bedroom at a friends' houses, places where he knew others might be hearing him getting his spanking and crying.

Such had just been life as I'd never hesitated to spank him when he lived at home during his high school years and certainly didn't consider not spanking him after he'd succeeded and gone on to College.

When he'd been spanked at a friend's house, more typically at Bruce's family's place in Pacific Palisades, the embarrassment had been no less real and humiliating for Larry even though he knew Bruce still got spanked by his own father too and he had even been there on a couple of times to see Bruce's tears as well. Still, it's never easy when afterwards or the next morning, you're going to face the other members of the family at, say, the breakfast table and they are going to look at you sitting there at that table knowing that whatever it was you'd done that had caused your Dad to have spanked you, still, underneath your clean fresh cloths and jeans, your little fanny was still nice and red and hurting from when your Dad had dragged you off privately into the room and spanked it for you with them listening! It had even been extremely hard to look at Bruce because even though you both shared some things in common like "other guy's your own age don't still get, at least not bare," but still, it had been you that had been dragged off and spanked, not him. Everybody knew you'd gotten it too!

For sure, Larry though had still gotten his share when he needed them, though he always had said he hated it worse when we were in a hotel because those maids, sometimes maids about his own age, would know he was still getting it (!), or if I'd made him leave his small paddle on the night stand, they couldn't help but see it and guess.

But this vacation had been planned for a combination of Graduation Gift and just good time.

Chris was coming along as he, too, had completed his first year at junior college with straight "A's" and Zach, Chris' friend was also going to be there.

The Plan was for just a good long vacation with plenty of hiking, climbing, and lots and lots of time in the surf. Perfect for Hawaii!

Maybe one other small detail might be important? At least lots have asked. Back then Eric, who was the tall, lanky, handsome sort of guy in Larry's high school class, who typically dressed in a Sweat shirt or dress shirt with jeans neatly pressed and penny loafers, was the guy who got himself spanked for lying that night when I last stopped writing. He was the one who'd lied about his report grade though I had that report from the teacher in a folder that night. I'd asked him about his lying and what his Dad does when he tries it and our conversation has gone like the following:

"And when he caught you at it, Son. What's he do about it?"

"Ah, I try my best never to lie, Sir; but well, If he catches, ah, sometimes I get a talking to or something like that or I get extra jobs I got'ta do around, around the place, and stuff like that, Sir."

"That all?"

"Ah, mostly, Sir." He was looking more somberly now, still flushing though.

"He doesn't pull down those jeans and spank you for it, Eric?"

I looked right at him now. I couldn't be sure but it was almost as if he was beginning to swat a bit about his brow. He certainly got very stiff and very quiet and he stayed stiff and quiet.

"Answer me, Eric." I brought back his attention. "And tell me the truth, Son. Does your Dad spank you when he catches you lying?"

Despite his age and polish, this student government president looked like a much younger teenage boy right then.

"Yes," he'd looked up with tears forming now in his eyes. "Sometimes, he does, Sir. Yea, sometimes he spanks me."

"And how long since the last time he spanked you, Eric?"

Eric did the royal fidget now. Under those cool, neat denim jeans his bottom had to be twanging now.

"About three weeks ago, Sir."

"For what?"

"For lying, Sir."

"Well, that's strange. Three weeks ago you're telling me your Dad had to take his time to spank you for lying?"

"Ah, yes, Sir."

Finally, Eric had apologized:

"I'm sorry, Sir. I'm sorry." His eyes were watery and red. He'd been crying for sure.

And about his Father's finding out:

"Are you going to tell him about this?" he'd asked and when he'd finally come clean and told the truth, the boy had tried his best:

"I said I'm sorry, Sir."

"Well, I guess that's in your favour, but around here you don't slip out of things like that so easy, Son. . ."

"Ah, I'm really, really sorry, Sir, really, Sir."

". . . so here's what you're going to do. You're going to march right upstairs and get undress and take a good hot shower. Take you time, we've got all night, but when you're finished, you put your jeans back on and come on back down here. You and I are going to go over this report and her comments until you understand them real well and then, then when I'm good and ready I'm going to take off your jeans and spank you."

"Sir, please, I'm sorry, I really don't want you . . .." he seemed almost to stamp his food, but I cut him off, mid sentence.

"Son, in this family you are to do what you're told. You just earned yourself some time across my lap tonight with my paddle. What to try for the strap?"

"NO! NO! ! ! I'm sorry, Sir."

Eric turned and walked quickly now out of the room and I could here him clumping up the stairs to the room where he was sharing with Larry. In a few minutes the water could be heard running in the upstairs shower.

Later I'd taken more direct charge of thing:

"Time I take these down, Son." My fingers opened his top metal button, undid the other fasteners and started to pull his jeans down.

"You don't have to do this, Sir. . .." He looked so young and boyish now.

"I know I don't 'have to do this,' Son, but I want to do this. You got to learn the hard way that you are never to lie or shade the truth, Son. Never. No matter the reason."

His jeans were clumped around his ankles. His white, sparkling fresh cotton briefs hugged his buns and showed his bulges in all the right and appropriate places. I ran my hands down his thighs, lingering with my fingers and clapped his behind before pulling down those brief to leave him standing there is all his youthful glory. He was truly all one would expect in a finely trained athlete. And more!

Next I had him remove his T-shirt and toss it aside while climbing out of his jeans and briefs, folding them and then returning in front of me. I had him walk like that to fetch the paddle, though I had to tell him were to find it. He walked gracefully, one strong leg than the other and slowly returned with the paddle in his hand. He handed it to me and for sure, I took it.

I took the short-handled paddle with it's wide, flat blade and stepped back and pointed it to the male's bare end. Stepping to one side, and setting my feet in a widened stance, sizing up this beautiful pure white and unblemished bottom which, was to be my target, I hauled back my hand, and struck his bare bottom with a resounding crack!


He howled immediately and his head and shoulders shot up as much as they could. The buns of his bare bottom darkened immediately, flushing with the spreading sting he was obviously feeling. Relishing the time honoured task now waiting my attention, I'd spanked that hardened young male's teenage bare bottom repeatedly, watching him beginning to jump from one foot to the other as I'd later forced him to stand there before me for his paddling"

I'd spanked and then paddled Eric that night and there had been no question that he had responded very well across my own knees that night.

While I never did share his lying or that teacher's report grade with his father, both Larry and Eric did grow closer during that year and Eric's Dad and I became closer friends too. The consequence on both Eric and Larry, however, was that during the close of their Senior Year, they had two "dads" around. Larry had occasionally been spanked by Eric's Dad and I too, had spanked Eric further. It was a good arrangement.

Throughout Larry's University years, Eric and he had remained close, visiting back and forth. Eric's Dad had continued to play a role with Larry. Living closer to his University than I did, Eric's Dad insured Larry's university education did not exclude his still getting his bare bottom spanked when he needed it.

Now that we were looking to a vacation in Hawaii. Eric and his Dad were also expected to drop in for a few days from Canada. Eric's Dad had separated from his new girl friend from those Canadian days back them.

I mentioned above I never spanked Larry in his dorm room or let on any thing that would embarrass my boy to his roommates during his University years. When he needed spanked, he got it for sure, but always more privately! Eric's Dad, however, didn't think my way. Eric had been spanked by his Dad anywhere and anytime and even when Eric eventually got to University, that hadn't changed. Difference in parental philosophy, I guess. Eric had continued to get spanked frequently; Larry hadn't. Eric had been forced to take it from a Dad who never hesitated to spank him anyplace and in front of anyone when the boy needed it though he'd sometimes just swat his jeans or use his paddle on his jeans. With me, both boys had learned the hard way, if I was going to take the time to discipline either of them, it was always going to be at a time and place much more private and we were going to take the time to talk it through carefully before their jeans and briefs were ultimately going to come down and they were going to get it long and hard, right across their young bare fannies. After all, young Chris still got his bottom spanked bare that way, as did tiny Bin though much more frequently, Mea too, and now Zach had become subject to it and also let's not forget about 29 year old Paolo where he was staying in Sao Paolo with my friend, the German Grandfather who's huge Germanic, callused hands could still send Paolo howling. No surprises. Everyone's treated alike. Eric's Dad could continue to spank Eric as he liked, but for the boys with me, it was going to stay differently and private.

Zach, young Chris and I hit Hawaii and it's beaches first. Perfect!

A few days later, Larry arrived.

These day's Larry's more firmly developed as he's still working out. His waist remains sleek and narrow, his chest broad and stomach muscles nicely developed. All together, he got that almost ideal "V" shape with his still nicely tight and firm butt and the smile and look of cuteness that never left him from his teenage years. Agreeing to legally adopt him when he Dad had dropped him at my place was back when was one of the best decision's I'd ever made and I knew it. Though I'd never adjusted to being called "Dad," I remain very proud to have him my "Son."

The scene at the Honolulu International Airport was a crowded as ever with lei's going around arriving tourist's necks and swarms of Japanese, young and old, still everywhere in spite of the downturn. Maybe we looked different as Larry walked through the arrival port, dressed in gray slacks, dark blazer, with shirt and silk tie. Strikingly handsome. Young Chris and Zach had no way of recognizing him, thought they'd seen photos, but they certainly looked for him as he walked out. Moments later we were together as he threw his arm around me and a few tears of welcome were shed on both sides. It had been too long! Larry, now there's a success story. Larry is now at a well known University with a full scholarship for graduate work (started Fall 1998)! You better believe I'm proud of him. No one's closer. Though he's living at school, there remains no question who his family is even through today. He's almost always around on every holiday he can manage.

Truth, with Larry, became stranger than fiction, but his grades and scholarship seemed to indicate it had been worth it..

Time for a vacation now. We were all there - Larry, Chris, Zach, and me, with Eric and his Dad expected later. Time to hit the beach off the terrace at a private home, a friend place in Hawaii. Time to re-connect, get some things settled out, handle those less-than-pleasant moments, and then all get on with it. And yes, I was looking forward to seeing Eric again. OK, his Dad too! You can say all you want about our kind of "unusual" families with some of our beliefs that seem out of fashion among many Americans these days, but the bonds that are built are solid and strong and the friendships just keep growing -- even though a boy like Larry, or even like Chris or even Eric, still is not too old for a spanking. That part has not changed. And it didn't that vacation week in Hawaii either! A vacation it certainly was. But, the paddle was there this time too.

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