Ok, We Went on Vacation But i Still Got It!

by Cal <100622.2517@CompuServe.com>

The following is posted as it was received though some initial personal paragraphs relating to other things were deleted. The author is a twenty-year old young man in the US South who, as readers will see, is still spanked. This is posted with the author's agreement.

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Hey, Cal,

. . . Ya know, I mean like it's kind'a embarrasin' but me and Sue talk about everything and I guess that's why I suppose she knows when I'm upset so I got to tell her I guess when I get one. Maybe I shouldn't tell anyone about when he spanks me, but when she asks me what's wrong I just can't help it and so I always blurt it out and tell her he spanked me again. She don't like him none 'cause she knows he spanks me bare and real hard like and all and she thinks I'm too old too and all, but me other gal used to like to know about it and I know she'd have liked to see me get it over his knee and all but she never did. I don't like think anyone here or in school like or all should know I'm getting it and it should be private and all but like it's just hard when he's spanked me and I'm all red and tender under me jeans. But like it's just to embarrasin' and scary too.

Not everyone might agree though? Maybe I told you that we flew down to the Islands Monday? I think I did. Anyway, we did and we're still here, just him and me. The other day at the pool there was a young couple, about 24, I guess at least that's what they looked like, very good looking, both of them very tan, and very playful. The girl was like totally georgeous, bright pink tiny teeny bikini, nicely bright painted pink finger nails and toe nails, extremely well stacked, and extremely nice looking with long blond hair and awesome blue eyes. The guy with her was in boxers and built really well like I'd like to be with great muscles in his stomach and all, really super good looking too; but he stripped them off and had on neat and tight bright blue flowered Speedos when then went in the water. I mean he had real good tight buns and well endowed from the basket he showed in those Speedos. OK, I'll be more honest. Her bikini was real skimpy and showed it all but it was obvious that that's why he had on boxers 'cause his Speedos were equally skimpy and tight and he wasn't wearing a jock or nothing cause I could see his dick real clear. Anyway, the two of 'em were all over eachother as the played and looked in love and happy, like sharing drinks they had sitting at the side of the pool and kisses. Turned out they were just married, from a comment John overhead, but what I seen was she often put her hand on his ass and kept it there when they laid on their stomachs and took a sun tan. He just let her and didn't seen no objection or anything like at all. He must have been though 'cause like I know I would have been 'cause if John puts his hand on me ass like this I'm like sure he's gonna' get thinking about spanking me and will too.

But anyway this boy he freely and liked completely openly touched her too (all discrete and in good taste, I guess but looked erotic to me). But then at one point when they were talking and joking I overhead her say to him, "better not be naughty or I'll get your brush."

He turned really really red and looked around looking to see if anyone had overheard and he looked at me but I pretended I hadn't but I think he knew I had. But anyway he laughed and kind'a like whispered back, "maybe you should - we've got all night together and it's just the two of us." I couldn't believe he'd said it!

Then She said in a normal voice, "Be careful" and they joked, kissed, and dashed off into the surf. Later though, I heard her saying to him, "I think I know what you need."

He smiled, "Oh, do you, do you?" And he kissed her. She put her hand on his buns and kissed him back, and said, "Time you go up to the room and find your brush for me. You've been too frisky today." She said it fairly loudly.

I mean like I looked at his buns and wow! He looked down at his feet, very red and embarrassed and looked around again to see who might have heard, but as soon as she picked up her towel and left he followed her up to their room.

I snuck up behind them but he couldn't see me coming and like their room was next to John's and mine! Awesome! Honest I used that old cup against the wall thing but the walls weren't too thick anyway and she was speaking kind'a loud anyway.

I heard her tell him to get the brush and then I heard some stuff like furniture moving and things and then she told him to get over her lap. That brush really started cracking again his ass, I could hear it! It was him getting it 'cause I could here him moaning and then like asking her to go easy and things like that. All I heard her tell him was it wasn't a game and he was going to get it. Then that brush cracked a lot and he yelled and when she told him to keep quiet and he couldn't cause they next time she cracked him he screamed and she said "OK, that's it, your suit's coming down!" and he yelled "No!" and then it like got totally quiet and then he said "OK, OK, I'm doing it." And then I hears her say "over" and man like did she lay into his ass with that brush and did he scream and cry a long time!

But I screwed up really bad, 'cause like John came in and saw what I was doing and the next thing I knows he was yanking down me own suit too and I was over his lap getting me own bare ass slapped. I got it real bad but like I was crying in the room and I could hear him crying next.

But it got worse 'cause like when I was back at the pool and calmed down from my whipping they came out and his eyes were as red as mine, but his legs also were red just under his tight Speedos. Everyone could see he'd gotten it but I was lucky 'cause I wear boxers! He seemed so embarrassed.

John made me go apologize. It was horrible! But I had to and like I did so I did and told them and all about everything!

He got it more while we're here, but I got it more too! John asked her if she wanted to spank me herself for what I'd done and boy did he smile (his name was Bob) but I died until I heard her say "no."

Bob and I talked sometimes and like it was awesome to meet someone else I could talk to who also get's spanked and he don't know me and so we could just be honest. He doesn't like getting it! Neither do I! But both of us get it anyway. Like that's cool! He get's it a real lot, even more than me like and I think I get it way too much and all and like we both have to get it bare and all but he get's it always with that brush or a paddle and I'm lucky 'cause for me it's mostly John's hand (but that bad enough!).

Anyhow Bob and I got spanked more and some nights we like could both hear each of us getting spanked crying and getting it him like me too, but like once I could hear him getting it first thing in the morning and once at lunch time too. That time was really bad. I asked him why he got it so bad but like he didn't want to talk about it then. But he and I are going to talk by e-mail 'cause he didn't know anybody who got spanked still before either until he met me! But he gets it much worse than me for sure! I told him about you. For sure Bob got it worse that me and John joked maybe he wont spending enough attention to me! NO WAY I told him. Me bottom gets it too me anyway!

Anyway like I wanted to tell you 'cause you tell me other guys get it too but this is the first time I met one and could talk with him. And I guess, yeh, it's nice to know others get it too but it was too embarrasin for me!

And I learned one thing for sure. Like never swim in Speedos but just take floppy boxer suits. Awesome! No one could ever see I was red sometimes, but like with Bob everytime he stripped down his boxers and dove in the pool it was like he was wearing a sign that said he'd been spanked! He was really embarrassed too!OK, if I'm honest I liked seeing him having to swim like that, but just him, not me! He had a really great ass and really looked good like that. Yea, even me I'd like to spank him sometime with an ass like that but 'cause he's older I get that not likely

We were here two weeks already! Mostly it was great! But now John said maybe we'll vacation again together with them this summer and get a cabin or something, but he was smiling so I hope he was just joking me, I hope. I kind'a got used I guess to knowing Bob could hear me crying but that was just through the wall! Anything closer would be gross! But I think he was joking me.

I'm gonna' write more later. You know. Oh, almost forgot! I got me straight "A's" in me science classes! That's awesome so it's just me English class that's me problem now. I'm working on it.

Miss like really not being able to call you but I can soon too.

Really got to go now. You know why.

love ya'!

hugs a lot!


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